How to Use Listen Back Feature in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

While the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software is known for delivering 99% or more accuracy, it is obvious to know that it would never misspell any word. However, the software can make some mistakes in choosing the wrong word.

For an example – If a person writes to the bank ‘I have trouble paying this year’ instead of ‘I am double paying this year’, then there’s going to be a big problem due to the human mistake.

And in this case, no software or tool or computerized grammar checker would be able catch the error as both sentences are grammatically correct. So, performing proof reading would be the best way to detect and remove such errors.

To perform proofread in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, you won’t have to hear your text, but you can hear your dictation in two ways –

#1. Playback Your Voice

You can play the recording of your dictation using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software to proofread. However, this feature is not available in the Home edition.

#2. Read the Text

Another way to proofread is to read what the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software has generated out of your dictation.

However, the Dragon NaturallySpeaking text-to-speech feature uses a computer-synthesized voice feature to convert the text into speech.

Well, the Playback feature is always the best method to proofread as it lets you know what you actually said, rather than what you think you must have said.

And above all, knowing what you actually said is important if you truly wish to proofread the dictation by Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software. Playing back your voice does always help users to do a better job of correcting the mistakes occurring with Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation and ensure maximum accuracy in the future.

And if you choose text-to-speech read back, it will let you hear what the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software actually typed rather than what you actually said.

It also helps you detect the errors occurring in the dictation of the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software which are sometimes more obvious when you hear them than when you see them.

If you have a visual impairment, the text to speech feature would be greatly useful to verbally copy documents or e-mail messages to the NaturallySpeaking window and play them.

Do you want to learn more ways to proofread the dictation from Dragon Software? Call us on toll-free +1 702 430 6099

Get Digital Dictation Recorders & Transcription Solutions with Dragon

Power, flexibility, and familiarity are found within a professional digital dictation solution that comes within Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software.

No matter where you are, if you need to dictate on the go, nothing would be faster or more efficient than an effectively configured digital dictation solution that Dragon offers.

Here are more wonderful features of this software that you’d love to learn about. Let’s check out below!

Dictate Anytime & Anywhere

When you are out of your home, office, performing rounds, and you want to find yourself with time between meetings. A digital voice recorder like Nuance Dragon lets you compose consults, notes, memos, and do much more. Once the recording is done by your end, it will be sent for transcription through email, LAN or FTP.

The custom workflows would allow the inclusion of multiple transcriptionists, with or without Dragon, as best suits those involved.

High Quality

While digital recorders and transcribers are available through various office supply stores, Nuance Dragon offers greater flexibility, accuracy, and ease to work. It comes with slide switch functionality that is the reminiscent of professional analog recorders.

Moreover, the high-quality microphone element of the digital voice recorder offers top notch clarity which is mandatory for effective Dragon speech recognition transcription.

High-End Customization

The Nuance Dragon Transcription Software comes up with digital transcription foot switch functions, outstanding playback features, and powerful routing capabilities that can be customized for the most complex workflows as required by the companies.

Multiple Transcription Options

There are three speech recognition transcription options available with Nuance Dragon’s digital voice recorder –

  • Professional digital dictation software – The transcription is done directly within the Nuance Dragon dictation software according to the configured workflow rules.
  • Dragon’s auto transcribe feature – The software automatically transcribes new dictations as per the workflow rules configured within Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
  • Dragon manual transcription – Do one dictation at a time, as directed by the human transcriber.

Do you want to know more about Digital Transcription Software Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Do you have any kind of doubts for the same? In case, you’re planning to get the premium version of Dragon and have queries for the same, you can always connect with our team of experts and professionals through toll-free number +1-310-513-5006.

We’ll assist you from the basics to the advanced knowledge of the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software. Call us now.

10 Queries About Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking that Users Face

Doubts are inevitable and specially when you’re using a complex software like Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it is obvious to get surrounded by lots of queries.

To help you get the best answers and in a quick time, we have created this Dragon Help Desk Blog that consists of all the common and frequently asked questions that most people ask to us.

So, maybe, you can get the answers of the questions running through your mind, by just going through this guide.

Question 1 –How Can I Get the Latest Version of Dragon?

Answer – If you’re a new customer, you can purchase the Dragon from here (link). If you’re an existing customer with version 11, you can upgrade to the new version for free.

The customers with versions 9 or 10 would also have to buy the upgrade of latest version.

Question 2–I recently purchased the Dragon Version 11. Do I need to exchange it with Latest Version now?

Answer – No, you don’t need to exchange it. In a few days, you’ll get the notification to avail the free upgrade to the latest version.

Question 3–Can I Switch from ‘Dragon for PC’ to ‘Dragon for MAC’ or vice versa?

Answer – No, you can’t switch as this feature is not available currently.

Question 4–Is it necessary to have different profiles for each user?

Answer – Yes! Your profile contains the specific information about your voice. However, it can have one or more audio sources, which are for either dictation (live audio) or transcription (recorded audio).

Question 5 –How can I make Dragon recognizes my name correctly?

Answer – You can add your name to ‘Dragon Vocabulary’ by using “Correction” or you can add vocabulary to ‘Dragon Editor’.

Question 6 –What to do if Dragon doesn’t recognize my voice?

Answer – Make sure your ‘microphone’ is turned on and the Dragon is not in the ‘Transition Mode’. If the problem still persists, check out the Troubleshooting Problems.

Question 7 –While trying to move my cursor, Dragon goes to the wrong place in my document. What to do?

Answer – With your document action, say “Cache Document”. It’d start working fine then.

Question 8 –Dragon is hanged. How to Quit?

Answer – Try Forcing ‘Quit Button’. Simply Launch Activity Monitor, Scroll through the List, Find Dragon, Select It & Click Quit Icon at Top Left.

Question 9 –Why isn’t there any punctuation in my dictated text?

Answer – You need to dictate punctuation marks as you speak.

Question 10 –How Can I Contact Nuance Dragon Help Desk & Talk with a Counsellor in Person?

Answer – Please give us a call at +1-310-513-5006

If you have any other queries, please reach Dragon Help Desk to quench it in minutes.

Keep visiting us!


How Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Helps Businesspeople?

The Business world is very much pressured and hectic. Sometimes, you need to complete the most crucial and time taking tasks in a few minutes or hours.

Are you done creating those reports, documents, presentation and everything again and again?

Are you fed up of writing lots of email replies in a day?

Are your eyes getting tired looking over the computer and helping you getting the tasks done?

Well, you truly need to know about this software, Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking which does not only reduce your workload but also gives you 100% accuracy.

So, with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you can give rest to your tired hands and eyes and experience a new way of creating presentations and documentations.

You speak & this software types! The Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software can turn your words into text with an amazing speed of typing 160 words per minute by providing 99% or more accuracy.

As you speak, you’ll see the magic happening on your screen.

If you try Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you’re sure to be benefitted of two major features –

Dictation   This enables users to prepare documentation, presentation & reports using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and type emails and perform web surfing by just speaking the voice commands.  Use of Voice Commands   By using the simple voice commands, you can perform almost all functions of computer without needing to use the keyboard and mouse.  
Accuracy   When you dictate and use the software, the words that would be typed on the screen would directly come from the dictionary, so the chances of any mistakes are less with Dragon.  Timesaving   As many people can speak faster than the speed of 120 words per minute against the common typing speed of 30 to 40 words per minute.   By using the simple voice commands of Dragon, users can perform editing, formatting and correction in 5 times faster than human efforts.  
Easy to Access   With Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, you can work anywhere, anytime and at your own pace.  Secured & Safe   When you outsource your typing work and it includes any confidentiality, the chances are that it will loosen up your privacy and secrecy but with Dragon Software, it remains only between you and the computer.  

If you think Nuance Dragon is good for you! You are going at the right direction. To know more about Dragon, call us on toll-free +1-310-513-5006

Are You Facing Issues While Using Dragon with Office 365

Are You Facing Issues While Using Dragon with Office 365? Read Here

Are You Facing Issues While Using Dragon with Office 365

Is your Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking troubling you while using it with Microsoft Office 365 Applications? Is the software crashing preventing you to use the software?

Most of our users have faced the same problem, specially with Microsoft Office Word.

Well, the major problem that occurs is that while Microsoft Word crashes or does not respond, it disables all add-ins that must be enabled or running that time. As the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software is an add-in, it would be frequently disabled by the Microsoft Word.

And this will hamper your tasks.

So, how do you overcome this problem?

To help you out with a prompt and quick solution, our team of experts has come up with a step by step procedure to reenable the Dragon NaturallySpeaking add-in in Microsoft Word 2010.

If you are struggling with the same problem, follow the below steps and get rid of this issue as soon as possible.

10 Easy Steps to Ensure Easy Working of Dragon NaturallySpeaking with Word office 365

Follow these steps to get instant solution of the add-in word issue associated with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

Step 1 – Before you start, make sure all running applications in your PC are closed. If not, close them and then proceed ahead.

Step 2 – Once all applications are closed, put your computer on Reboot.

Step 3 – After rebooting, start your PC once again and then open Microsoft Word.

Step 4 – Now, go to the file menu and top left on the screen.

Step 5 – As you will click on File option, the menu list will open where you can select the add-in option given on the left pane.

Step 6 – Once the option is selected, you need to look further for the disabled items section for the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking add-in.

Step 7 – If here in the list of disabled items, the Dragon Add-in is disabled, you will need to select the manage drop-down menu given at the bottom of the window and choose disabled items option.

Step 8 – Thereafter, you can further select the Dragon NaturallySpeaking add-in in the disabled items window.

Step 9 – To enable the add-in, click on the ‘enable’ button.

Step 10 – Now, close all dialog boxes, Microsoft Word, Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and then once again restart them all.

So, this is how you can fix the Dragon add-in word issue. If you need further assistance for the same, please feel free to reach us through toll-free number +1-310-513-5006

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Technical Support | Fix Issues in Mins

Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking stands as the leading software in the tech industry.

However, the first-time users might face problems while using this. But once they become used to of it, the results would be quite effective and fruitful.

There’s no doubt that the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software can truly make your life easier and productive by taking care of all your daily tasks with great efficacy and efficiency.

At the same time, it can restrain you from continuing your ongoing work due to some common issues occurring within the software.

Among these issues, the most common issue that has been reported by most of our customers is the Login issue.

If you’re looking for a solution to overcome such problem, you’ve come to the right place!

Check out the ways here.

What to Do When You Encounter Issues with Dragon?

Before trying to resolve the problem, the first step is to find out the reason why this problem might be occurring.

Well, based on our research and issues reported by mostly users, we have found out that there are top 3 reasons why such problem occurs –

1. Nuance Dragon doesn’t load properly

2. The Login session time goes out

3. The password associated with Nuance Dragon Account doesn’t work.

Other Issues with Dragon

  • Apart from above listed issues, slow internet connection or server problems or outdated operating systems might be few more reasons why you encounter such errors.
  • And if you’re using an outdated version of the software, the chances are that it might take more time to load, that restrain your from keeping up your work smooth.
  • Sometimes, you might also need to reset your password by contacting with official authorities or following the steps to ‘Forgot Password’.

If even after changing your password, you again face the same issue, you must contact us immediately.

  • Another reason why you face the login issues is due to the software getting time out frequently. This might happen due to improper internet connectivity or server issues.

Ways to Fix Issues

Being the first-time user of Nuance Dragon, you can’t fix the issues by yourself, you’d need someone to help you. If you’re fed up of trying to official Nuance Dragon number, you can call us on toll-free +1 315-215-0716 and find relevant solution to your queries in seconds. Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Technical Support Fix Issues in Mins

We are available 24*7, so whenever you face any issues or need help with your queries, call us.

How to Edit Dictated Text in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

To get the right results through Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation, you need to train it well, so it can recognize your voice, vocab, writing style and more effectively.

And most importantly, you must know how you should use it.

Many people who start using Dragon for the first-time face difficulties in editing the text they have dictated through Nuance Dragon.

Are you facing the same problem? Are you not able to undo what have gone wrong?

Well, in Dragon, the commands like “Bold That”, “Underline That”, “Italicize That”, and “Format That”, all share a common trait. They can undo themselves!

If you select some specific text and say, “Bold That,” and then, if you will select the same text and repeat the same command, it will automatically become regular again. And this thing happens with each such command, so these commands can undo themselves.

Now, if we talk about the Dragon Dictation, do you wonder how these commands must be working with Nuance Dragon Dictation and Correction?

It was quite tough for Dragon Designers and Developers to decide on whether these commands should work like as they are or the same as they work in Word Toolbars.

And ultimately, these Dragon team chose to keep these commands as the Microsoft Word toolbar buttons only, so users will be more familiar to their functionality.

To undo other voice commands apart from the above-mentioned ones, you can use their specific commands in opposite way and get your task done.

Or you can also talk with our Dragon experts or technicians to help you out with the correct methods to use voice commands for voice dictation in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software or undo the same using their opposite commands.

Our team of experts is available 24*7 to help Dragon users with any kind of issues they face during dictating using the Nuance NaturallySpeaking software.

Be it any issue or a query they want to ask to our experts, they can freely connect with them. All they have to do is to dial our toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 in their dial pad and wait until the phone is connected.

Once they are connected online, they can share their issue, query or concern with our respective team members and ask them to help out for the same. Within duration of a few minutes, or sometimes, a few seconds, our executives will revert with the relevant response over the same.

upgrade dragon

Steps to Upgrade Nuance Dragon to Latest Version

Nuance Dragon Support Call Toll Free +1 315-215-0716

# upgrade dragon : If you’re trying to upgrade dragon an older version of Nuance Dragon to the latest one and not being successful doing so, this blog is the must read for you.

Many Dragon users like you face the same problem. When they try to upgrade their Nuance Dragon software from 14 to 15 version, they encounter an Invalid Acoustic Error which prevent them from upgrading the software to its newer version.

Now, the question is why such error must be occurring!

We have received many queries for the same issue on our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number and have been greatly successful in resolving them.

Reasons Why Errors Occur During Dragon Upgrades

The main reason why Invalid Acoustic Error occurs with Dragon is due to the older version of Nuance Dragon software.

For an instance, if you are trying to upgrade your Dragon from 14 to 15 version, the current version is 14, whose dictation source is Dragon Remote Microphone which unfortunately does not exist in Dragon 15.

So, if you are facing this error, follow the below steps and upgrade your software without any hassles.

  • Firstly, go to the upgrade profile folder and right click to open it.
  • Now, click on the ‘Open a new tab’ option and then check acoustic.ini.file to see if it has any acoustic codes that you can use.
  • Further, you may also check on the options.ini file in that same folder that you are currently in.
  • Later, you can have a check for the ‘Last Used Acoustics’ keyword.
  • After performing these checks, click on save and then Launch Nuance Dragon software.

By performing the above steps, now you would be able to launch the upgraded version of Nuance Dragon and the invalid acoustic error you must be facing with NaturallySpeaking software would be resolved. Still if you continue to face the same error, you can contact on our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number 1-315-215-0716 (toll-free) and ask our experts to help you with prompt solution.

Our team of Dragon technicians are highly qualified and trained to fix any sort of errors and issues from minor to major. Through our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number, we are confident to serve all our customers with 100% accurate and satisfactory solutions.

# upgrade dragon

If you are stuck with Dragon issues, don’t sit back, pick up your call and dial our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number to get help as soon as possible

Steps to Recover Corrupt Dragon File

Nuance Dragon Support Call Toll Free +1-310-513-5006

# recover dragon corrupt file : If you have witnessed this error while opening a user profile in Dragon NaturallySpeaking and have not been able to access the selected user profile due to an error message shown on the screen, we can help!

The error messages displaying on your Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking screen, generally come up as –

“SDAPI Error”


“Internal Recognizer Error”

“Signal Processing Error”

If you have also received any such error message, it’s due to a corrupted Dragon Profile.

There are many reasons why the corruption can take place such as power fluctuation while the software is trying to save any recording or dictating data, low memory space or anti-virus settings.

In the blog, we will share a perfect solution to help you troubleshoot the problems and fix the corrupt Dragon user profile issue. If the steps don’t work, you can always call on our Nuance Dragon Helpline +1-310-513-5006 .

# recover dragon corrupt file

Steps to Fix Corrupt User Profile Error in Dragon

Step 1 – Close the Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Step 2 – Now, press Windows Key and R altogether to bring up the Run box.

Step 3 – Here, you can type – “%AllUsersProfile%” and click enter.

Step 4 – The Windows XP users can go to Application Data and choose Nuance and then, go to the Users folder. Whereas the Windows Vista or above versions users, can directly access the Nuance folder and open the NaturallySpeaking folder to further access the users folder.

Step 5 – Here, the can find the folder with their Dragon username and rename the ‘current’ folder as ‘Corrupt’ and ‘backup’ folder as ‘current’.

Step 6 – Now, restart the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and wait till it loads properly.

Step 7 – Once the software is open, go to DragonBar and click on the NaturallySpeaking option, then Manage Users to access manage settings.

Step 8 – Here, you can select your name and click Advanced, then choose Backup option to create a new backup.

Step 9 – Once the backup process is finished, you can go back the corrupt folder and delete it.

Step 10 – Now, what you will have is only the ‘current’ folder.

So, this was the quick solution to the ‘corrupt folder’ error found with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Still, if you face any troubles doing this, you can connect with our experts through Nuance Dragon Helpline +1-310-513-5006

# recover dragon corrupt file

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