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# Nuance Dragon Helpdesk : – Have you Encountered with any issues when installing Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software? Relax and enjoy! At Nuance Dragon helpDesk +1-310-513-5006, we have come up with an end-to-end solution to support you understand the program well and using it to produce successful results. Here, on this site, you will learn the trouble-free process of downloading and setting up the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking App, as well as the methods by which you will using it for various things such as writing and doing acts.

How to Reach Nuance Dragon Helpdesk and What to Share?

If Dragon has left you helpless and you are having a tough time explaining, you have only one option to go for. Call on Nuance Dragon Helpdesk and ask for the help from an experienced tech support person.

To determine what you will pay and the parameters under which you may call, go to Online Support.

The first thing to understand about Nuance is that their fee for the tech support calls is more if you don’t first opt the forum-based system through your free account.

If you are wanting to speak directly to a support person, here are the options you will have to choose from –

  1. Free Support for first 90 Days

If you have purchased Dragon like today only, you will be able to take advantage of unlimited free calling and asking your queries from Nuance professionals for the next 90 days.

  1. After 90 Days Free Services

After the duration of 90 Days, you will have to pay a huge amount of fee to have even a single call to Nuance experts. However, you can also use forums, but that won’t help much. In this case, you can also opt for other Nuance Dragon Helpdesks that provide support services in a way affordable manner.

What to Do Before You Call Any Nuance Dragon HelpDesk?

Before you call to any Nuance Dragon Helpdesk, it’s important to gather all significant information about your software, like user profile, serial number etc.

You must also know what version of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking you have.  You can fetch this information from the DragonBar by going into the help section and choosing ‘About Dragon’.

What to Do During the Ongoing Call to Nuance Dragon Helpdesk ?

Keep a notebook along with you and note down every specific thing that the technical support person suggests you do further. If the solutions prompted by the tech support person doesn’t help you fix the problem, you can undo them later. However, this can be better handled by the technical support folks who can professionally troubleshoot the problem and fix it with their expertise and proficiency.

However, if the problem is crucial, it may require multiple calling sessions to resolve the issue, so have patience and faith in the Dragon Helpdesk experts.

They try their best to fix the issue that’s bothering you and preventing you from using Dragon features


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