10 Queries About Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking that Users Face

Doubts are inevitable and specially when you’re using a complex software like Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it is obvious to get surrounded by lots of queries.

To help you get the best answers and in a quick time, we have created this Dragon Help Desk Blog that consists of all the common and frequently asked questions that most people ask to us.

So, maybe, you can get the answers of the questions running through your mind, by just going through this guide.

Question 1 –How Can I Get the Latest Version of Dragon?

Answer – If you’re a new customer, you can purchase the Dragon from here (link). If you’re an existing customer with version 11, you can upgrade to the new version for free.

The customers with versions 9 or 10 would also have to buy the upgrade of latest version.

Question 2–I recently purchased the Dragon Version 11. Do I need to exchange it with Latest Version now?

Answer – No, you don’t need to exchange it. In a few days, you’ll get the notification to avail the free upgrade to the latest version.

Question 3–Can I Switch from ‘Dragon for PC’ to ‘Dragon for MAC’ or vice versa?

Answer – No, you can’t switch as this feature is not available currently.

Question 4–Is it necessary to have different profiles for each user?

Answer – Yes! Your profile contains the specific information about your voice. However, it can have one or more audio sources, which are for either dictation (live audio) or transcription (recorded audio).

Question 5 –How can I make Dragon recognizes my name correctly?

Answer – You can add your name to ‘Dragon Vocabulary’ by using “Correction” or you can add vocabulary to ‘Dragon Editor’.

Question 6 –What to do if Dragon doesn’t recognize my voice?

Answer – Make sure your ‘microphone’ is turned on and the Dragon is not in the ‘Transition Mode’. If the problem still persists, check out the Troubleshooting Problems.

Question 7 –While trying to move my cursor, Dragon goes to the wrong place in my document. What to do?

Answer – With your document action, say “Cache Document”. It’d start working fine then.

Question 8 –Dragon is hanged. How to Quit?

Answer – Try Forcing ‘Quit Button’. Simply Launch Activity Monitor, Scroll through the List, Find Dragon, Select It & Click Quit Icon at Top Left.

Question 9 –Why isn’t there any punctuation in my dictated text?

Answer – You need to dictate punctuation marks as you speak.

Question 10 –How Can I Contact Nuance Dragon Help Desk & Talk with a Counsellor in Person?

Answer – Please give us a call at +1-310-513-5006

If you have any other queries, please reach Dragon Help Desk to quench it in minutes.

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