How to Convert Your Recorded Audio into the Text Using Nuance Dragon?

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As the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software lets you mix ‘dictation’ in which the words get converted into text and ‘commands’ which are merely the instructions that you send to the computer for easy dictation.

For command, you don’t have to do anything like clicking on the keyword or mouse, you just have to say an instruction.

But as the Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software is just a software and works accordingly, you might not get what you expected.

For instance, the “Cap” command can be used differently. However, Dragon takes it as a command to capitalize the letter that you will speak after this command.

So, if you ever say, “We want to cap expenditures this year”, the chances are that you will get the dictation as “We want to Expenditures this year”.

For interpretation, you can use pauses. As many commands include multiple words, so, if you want Dragon to take them as commands only, you can speak those words together as a phrase, else pauses can work.

Similarly, for the above example, if you want Dragon NaturallySpeaking to interpret “cap” as text, you need to pause between the word “cap” and “expenditure” like this – “we want to cap … expenditures this year”.

If you didn’t pause and Dragon did wrong dictation. You can say “Scratch That” as phrase to help it remove the changes what it just made.

And if you’re thinking how much time you must take to pause between the words, then there’s no fixed time duration, you can adjust it accordingly that the NaturallySpeaking software can consider it to be an enough pause.

However, the concept of pausing doesn’t help with punctuation and numbers in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation. You can’t dictate ‘He typed a comma and continue’.

If you say so, you will get a comma symbol not the word. For such problems, you can use the Dragon’s Vocab Editor to add the word comma or the other punctuations with a new spoken form such as “word comma”. So, whenever you will speak “word comma”, it will add the word not the punctuation.

If you need more help with Dragon Dictation for Text and Commands, please call on our toll-free number +1 702 430 6099. Our experts will assist you with the perfect guidance that you need to know Dragon in a much better way.

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