How to Optimize the Performance of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

To have a flawless experience while using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, it’s important to conduct an appropriate training of the software and keep improving it over the time.

However, it’s more important to take enough time to work with NaturallySpeaking and train it in the special way as you desire.

Despite of your hardest efforts, if your Dragon Speech Recognition software doesn’t seem to as sharp as you expected it to be, then you can give it another try to train it even better.

The developers at Nuance Communications who worked at Dragon have provided a central place in the software where you can enhance its skills and access all the tools that you’d need at your fingertips.

This place is the Accuracy Center. However, DragonBar menus can also help you with the training options, but the news users must only access the Accuracy Center to avoid any hassles.

So, first of all, go to DragonBar and then Accuracy Center. Here, you will see an option to ‘Help’ where you can access the ‘Improve My Accuracy’ and as soon as you’ll click on this one, you will have many options as given below –

#1. Personalize My Vocabulary

In Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, you can always experience a personalized form of dictation by adding the phrases and words of your choice to the Vocabulary editor. Here, with Dragon’s ‘Personalize My Vocabulary’ feature, you can create your personal library of most-used words, phrases.

Or you can let the editor build it itself by reading your documents and emails.

#2. Formatting Options

You will also see an option to ‘Set options and formatting’ where you can learn how to reset the options menu to adjust the Dragon settings as per your convenience.

#3. Adjust Your Acoustics

Here, you can launch the Accuracy Tuning, adjust your microphone and test it.

#4. Find or Train Commands

Here, you can see which commands are available to be used with different contexts.

#5. Find More Information

If you want to know more information about the software and its features, click here and you will have access to some FAQ’s or help guidelines.

Still, if you feel unsatisfied and want to know more about the Dragon Accuracy Center and how you can make the most of it, we are here to help! Call us on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 and talk with our experts.

Features & Benefits of Speech Recognition for Healthcare Industry

In the era of Covid19, medical practitioners and healthcare organizations are advising people to keep fewer contacts with others to stop the spread of this pandemic. In such a situation, medical professionals are also avoiding the contacts with their patients as much as possible. Even all medical services are going paperless.

Speech recognition software like Dragon comes as blessing that enables people to get their task done without needing to touch the devices.

The clinicians can use their voice to navigate, dictate and edit the text inside EHR.

As the clinicians get to boost their work efficiency, they can see more patients and earn more money, by using this software.

Top Features of Dragon Medical Software

You can easily dictate medical words as the Dragon Medical Speech Recognition software has got the vocabularies for over 90 medical specialty and subspecialties.

With its advance adaption feature, it ensures the high accuracy in speech recognition and thus can adapt your regional accent easily. 

It simplifies your experience with EHRs.

Dragon has got smart library and smart configuration that can ease up your work without even requiring an internet connection.

It has a locally installed speech recognition features which ensure the hassle-free access and interaction.

The Recognition analytics in Dragon Medical Practice Edition automatically detects poor audio inputs and immediately alerts the user about the same.

More features and capabilities

Medical vocabulary, specialty language models and accent supportYes
Medical formatting rulesYes
Medical command sets and search commandsYes
Compatible with leading EHRsYes
HIPAA-supportive by employing secure encryption methods throughout the workflowYes
Hidden Dictation BoxYes
Compatible with PowerMic™ IIIYes

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Features & Specifications

Check out the list all the required specifications for your system, before you buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.

RAM4 GB (Minimum)
CPUIntel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor.
Free Hard Disk Space4 GB
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows versions – 7, 8.1 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows ServerWindows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2
BrowserMicrosoft Internet Explorer 11 or all latest versions and Chrome
DVD-ROM DriveRequired for Installation
Internet ConnectionRequired If Download It Digitally

Do you want to know more about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4? Call us on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 to get instant support on phone today itself.