How to Edit Dictated Text in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

To get the right results through Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation, you need to train it well, so it can recognize your voice, vocab, writing style and more effectively.

And most importantly, you must know how you should use it.

Many people who start using Dragon for the first-time face difficulties in editing the text they have dictated through Nuance Dragon.

Are you facing the same problem? Are you not able to undo what have gone wrong?

Well, in Dragon, the commands like “Bold That”, “Underline That”, “Italicize That”, and “Format That”, all share a common trait. They can undo themselves!

If you select some specific text and say, “Bold That,” and then, if you will select the same text and repeat the same command, it will automatically become regular again. And this thing happens with each such command, so these commands can undo themselves.

Now, if we talk about the Dragon Dictation, do you wonder how these commands must be working with Nuance Dragon Dictation and Correction?

It was quite tough for Dragon Designers and Developers to decide on whether these commands should work like as they are or the same as they work in Word Toolbars.

And ultimately, these Dragon team chose to keep these commands as the Microsoft Word toolbar buttons only, so users will be more familiar to their functionality.

To undo other voice commands apart from the above-mentioned ones, you can use their specific commands in opposite way and get your task done.

Or you can also talk with our Dragon experts or technicians to help you out with the correct methods to use voice commands for voice dictation in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software or undo the same using their opposite commands.

Our team of experts is available 24*7 to help Dragon users with any kind of issues they face during dictating using the Nuance NaturallySpeaking software.

Be it any issue or a query they want to ask to our experts, they can freely connect with them. All they have to do is to dial our toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 in their dial pad and wait until the phone is connected.

Once they are connected online, they can share their issue, query or concern with our respective team members and ask them to help out for the same. Within duration of a few minutes, or sometimes, a few seconds, our executives will revert with the relevant response over the same.

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