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Troubleshooting Dragon Error 166

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If you are a user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking then you might have come across the dragon Error 166, which can really disturb your work flow. This error usually appears when Dragon cannot get the audio input device that it requires hence not allowing you to use it effectively. Nevertheless, don’t be worried for there are several troubleshooting steps that if followed carefully could ensure that dragon is back on track within no time.

Step 1 : Check your audio input device

To begin with, check whether your computer has recognized and well-connected any audio input devices like headset or microphone. You may also try plugging off the gadget then plugging it back or changing the input device just to ascertain that the problem isn’t from it.

Step 2 : Confirm Dragon’s audio settings

From here open your Dragon NaturallySpeaking application and then go into its “Audio” settings. Make sure you have chosen correctly your preferred hardware input alongside ensuring that microphones activex objects are on and recording sound waves normally as supposed to be done according to how they were programmed by developers.

Step 3: Update your audio drivers

Sometimes old versions or even conflicting drivers for audio can be source of this kind of message. You can find out if there are updates available for your machine’s audio drivers via computer’s device manager and download them directly from the website of manufacturer in case they do not exist yet.

Step 4: Turn off any native system enhancements on sound devices to help troubleshoot issues with accessing an auditory channel by voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking because some might include noise suppression technologies while others provide additional functionalities like equalizers.

Thus interfering with its accessibility on windows platform among other operating systems in general where this tool is used daily by millions worldwide who rely upon their machines’ speakers instead having buy new ones each time something goes wrong – therefore create such similar situation during normal conversation at home .

Step 5: Run the Dragon troubleshooter

If you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it has a built-in troubleshooting program which can aid in identifying and rectifying common issues including Error 166. To get to the troubleshooting menu, go in to Dragon Preferences and select Troubleshooting tab.

Step 6: Reinstall your copy of Dragon

In case none of all those mentioned above steps are helpful enough by any means then most likely contact dragon support at +1-310-513-5006.

These steps will help you overcome the Dragon Error 166 and return to using your voice recognition software with ease. In cases where you continue experiencing problems, just reach out for assistance from their support team.

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Nuance Dragon Software

How Much You Might Have to Spend for Nuance Dragon Software?

Nuance Dragon Software

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We received so many queries for the same and today we planned to share the answer with you. There are many people who tried the older version of Dragon and have spent great amounts on the same. That didn’t really work well for them.

But if you will use Dragon now (the latest versions of course), you will know your every penny invested in Nuance Dragon speech recognition is worth it.

How Much Exactly You Must Spend to Get the Best Quality Out of Dragon?

Well, this question is not easy to reply with mentioning a single amount of how much exactly it is going to cost you.

There are a few factors involved in getting quality dictation results with Nuance Dragon. Basically –

  • Your computer needs to be fully compatible. It should have the required RAM, processor, and everything for Dragon software to run seamlessly.
  • Your microphone must be of the supreme quality for using with the Dragon speech recognition.
  • The environment around you should be relatively compatible too.
  • Your pronunciation should be specific and appropriate.
  • You must know how the dictation and transcription works.

Is an Expensive Version of Nuance Dragon Better Than A Cheaper One?

Let’s assume you’re planning to buy the medical version of Dragon, it will definitely cost you higher than the ordinary versions. It comes with advanced features and vocabulary that’s required for the doctors.

The software undoubtedly saves you time, money, and effort, but could be a bit costly.

On the other hand, when you use Dragon Professional, it costs a little cheaper than the medical version, but again, it’s costlier than the Home edition which is especially designed for individuals and freelancers.

How Much Does It Cost to Be Successful With Dragon?

Still, it is true that you have to buy the software and a suitable microphone. So now I finally get to answer your question. How much $$$ do you need to spend to get good results?

Dragon Professional Individual comes at the subscription of $300. It doesn’t include the microphone and training cost. Dragon Home edition starts with $150. And the prices go beyond when you use more advanced versions to suit your purpose.

If you’re planning on purchasing the Dragon Professional Home, or Medical version, contact with our team of experts to get the best guidance. Call on toll-free +1-310-513-5006 for instant support.

How to Use Dragon Mobile App in Windows Phone? Check 8 Hit Features

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The Dragon Speech Recognition, Voice Dictation and Transcription Software can make it much easier for you to finish the tedious tasks such as creating reports, documents, presentations and almost every kind of work in minutes.

If you find yourself overburdened with paperwork and documentation thing, the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is here to save your time and efforts.

If you’re running short of time and not getting enough time to open your PC, you can use it on your Windows phone also. As the Nuance Dragon Software has come up with its mobile app, more and more people are taking interest in using this software to reduce their workload by saving up time and efforts.

If you are wondering how Dragon Mobile Application can help you reducing your work and boosting your efficiency, you need to read this blog. We have listed all the important features of Dragon Windows App down here.

8 Topmost Features of Nuance Dragon Mobile App Enabling Easy Access Anywhere Anytime

As everybody knows Nuance Dragon is especially designed to make users stress-free by reducing their workload pressure of creating heavy documents, presentations etc.

But other than this, there are many more benefits of Nuance Dragon Mobile App. Let’s check out!

  • Dragon can boost your work accuracy up to 99% even if you don’t take any proper training to use it.
  • You can create form-based templates using the auto text feature of Dragon Windows App. This feature helps you create the forms and fill them by using your voice commands.
  • Dragon is limitless. You can create a document of any length while speaking for as long as you can do.
  • The outstanding customization features of Dragon app enables users to add their own words and vocab to Dragon dictionary.
  • You can save up your time by speaking again to add the repetitive steps.
  • You can sync your Dragon Account at any device which enables you to use it anytime, anywhere and at any device.
  • The cloud-based feature of Dragon phone app allows users to import, export, and share and creates documents by sitting anywhere.
  • By using the editing and formatting tools, you can easily navigate through different files of the Dragon and get things done faster than ever.
  • Including the US and UK English Language, Dragon Windows App supports the German and Canadian English.

Want to know more about Dragon Windows App supports? Give us call on toll-free +1-310-513-5006

How to Convert Your Recorded Audio into the Text Using Nuance Dragon?

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As the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software lets you mix ‘dictation’ in which the words get converted into text and ‘commands’ which are merely the instructions that you send to the computer for easy dictation.

For command, you don’t have to do anything like clicking on the keyword or mouse, you just have to say an instruction.

But as the Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software is just a software and works accordingly, you might not get what you expected.

For instance, the “Cap” command can be used differently. However, Dragon takes it as a command to capitalize the letter that you will speak after this command.

So, if you ever say, “We want to cap expenditures this year”, the chances are that you will get the dictation as “We want to Expenditures this year”.

For interpretation, you can use pauses. As many commands include multiple words, so, if you want Dragon to take them as commands only, you can speak those words together as a phrase, else pauses can work.

Similarly, for the above example, if you want Dragon NaturallySpeaking to interpret “cap” as text, you need to pause between the word “cap” and “expenditure” like this – “we want to cap … expenditures this year”.

If you didn’t pause and Dragon did wrong dictation. You can say “Scratch That” as phrase to help it remove the changes what it just made.

And if you’re thinking how much time you must take to pause between the words, then there’s no fixed time duration, you can adjust it accordingly that the NaturallySpeaking software can consider it to be an enough pause.

However, the concept of pausing doesn’t help with punctuation and numbers in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Dictation. You can’t dictate ‘He typed a comma and continue’.

If you say so, you will get a comma symbol not the word. For such problems, you can use the Dragon’s Vocab Editor to add the word comma or the other punctuations with a new spoken form such as “word comma”. So, whenever you will speak “word comma”, it will add the word not the punctuation.

If you need more help with Dragon Dictation for Text and Commands, please call on our toll-free number +1 702 430 6099. Our experts will assist you with the perfect guidance that you need to know Dragon in a much better way.

Why & How to Migrate to the Newest Version of Nuance Dragon?

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If you’re trying to upgrade an older version of Nuance Dragon to the latest one and not being successful doing so, this blog is the must read for you.

Many Dragon users like you face the same problem. When they try to upgrade their Nuance Dragon software from 14 to 15 versions, they encounter an Invalid Acoustic Error which prevents them from upgrading the software to its newer version.

Now, the question is why such error must be occurring!

We have received many queries for the same issue on our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number and have been greatly successful in resolving them.

Reasons Why Errors Occur During Dragon Upgrades

The main reason why Invalid Acoustic Error occurs with Dragon is due to the older version of Nuance Dragon software.

For an instance, if you are trying to upgrade your Dragon from 14 to 15 version, the current version is 14, whose dictation source is Dragon Remote Microphone which unfortunately does not exist in Dragon 15.

So, if you are facing this error, follow the below steps and upgrade your software without any hassles.

  • Firstly, go to the upgrade profile folder and right click to open it.
  • Now, click on the ‘Open a new tab’ option and then check acoustic.ini.file to see if it has any acoustic codes that you can use.
  • Further, you may also check on the options.ini file in that same folder that you are currently in.
  • Later, you can have a check for the ‘Last Used Acoustics’ keyword.
  • After performing these checks, click on save and then Launch Nuance Dragon software.

By performing the above steps, now you would be able to launch the upgraded version of Nuance Dragon and the invalid acoustic error you must be facing with NaturallySpeaking software would be resolved. Still if you continue to face the same error, you can contact on our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number +1 702 430 6099 (toll-free) and ask our experts to help you with prompt solution.

Our team of Dragon technicians are highly qualified and trained to fix any sort of errors and issues from minor to major. Through our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number, we are confident to serve all our customers with 100% accurate and satisfactory solutions.

If you are stuck with Dragon issues, don’t sit back, pick up your call and dial our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number to get help as soon as possible.

Struggling with Proofreading the Content? Do It with Nuance Dragon

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Voice playback being the most useful and amazing feature in Nuance DragonNaturallySpeaking, doing proofreading or editing part becomes easier and more effective.

With hotkeys and buttons available on the keyboard by the Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, the users can be highly benefited with effectively controlling the playback feature as they proofread after dictation.

However, the playback feature doesn’t work for the text that was manually typed by the user, or that wasn’t be dictated at the first place or if the user dictated the text, but later moved to some other place.

If you want to hear such text, you can use the text-to-speech feature of the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software.

So, are you wondering how to proofread your dictated text or document using the Dragon software itself?

Please follow the below-steps for hassle-free proofreading!

#1. Select the entire text that you want to proofread. You can select a document or just a piece of text, by saying the command “Play Document” or “Play Paragraph”.

#2.Or you can also press the Ctrl+Shift+S or simply click the ‘Play button’ on the toolbar to play the document or text.

#3.Now, scan the whole text with your eyes as your dictation is being played back.

#4.Here, you can poise your finger over the minus (-) to follow the text.

#5.When you encounter any error in the dictated text, press the (minus) key on the numeric keypad of your keyboard.

#6.As soon as you press the minus key, the Dragon playback will stop, and the correction menu box would appear on the screen.

#7.Now, you can pick the correct interpretation from the list in the correction menu box and correct your dictated text.

#8.When you have made your choice, the correction menu box will exit, and the playback will continue right away.

#9.Now you can continue correcting the errors until you reach the end of the text to be played.

However, while using the playback feature to proofread and correct your dictated document, you need to keep following things in mind. Like if you press the minus key a bit late, the chances are that you’ll overshoot the error.

So, whenever you encounter an error with the process, please contact our experts’ team on toll-free number +1 702 430 6099 and get instant support and guidance for the same.

How to Optimize the Performance of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

To have a flawless experience while using Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, it’s important to conduct an appropriate training of the software and keep improving it over the time.

However, it’s more important to take enough time to work with NaturallySpeaking and train it in the special way as you desire.

Despite of your hardest efforts, if your Dragon Speech Recognition software doesn’t seem to as sharp as you expected it to be, then you can give it another try to train it even better.

The developers at Nuance Communications who worked at Dragon have provided a central place in the software where you can enhance its skills and access all the tools that you’d need at your fingertips.

This place is the Accuracy Center. However, DragonBar menus can also help you with the training options, but the news users must only access the Accuracy Center to avoid any hassles.

So, first of all, go to DragonBar and then Accuracy Center. Here, you will see an option to ‘Help’ where you can access the ‘Improve My Accuracy’ and as soon as you’ll click on this one, you will have many options as given below –

#1. Personalize My Vocabulary

In Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, you can always experience a personalized form of dictation by adding the phrases and words of your choice to the Vocabulary editor. Here, with Dragon’s ‘Personalize My Vocabulary’ feature, you can create your personal library of most-used words, phrases.

Or you can let the editor build it itself by reading your documents and emails.

#2. Formatting Options

You will also see an option to ‘Set options and formatting’ where you can learn how to reset the options menu to adjust the Dragon settings as per your convenience.

#3. Adjust Your Acoustics

Here, you can launch the Accuracy Tuning, adjust your microphone and test it.

#4. Find or Train Commands

Here, you can see which commands are available to be used with different contexts.

#5. Find More Information

If you want to know more information about the software and its features, click here and you will have access to some FAQ’s or help guidelines.

Still, if you feel unsatisfied and want to know more about the Dragon Accuracy Center and how you can make the most of it, we are here to help! Call us on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 and talk with our experts.

Features & Benefits of Speech Recognition for Healthcare Industry

In the era of Covid19, medical practitioners and healthcare organizations are advising people to keep fewer contacts with others to stop the spread of this pandemic. In such a situation, medical professionals are also avoiding the contacts with their patients as much as possible. Even all medical services are going paperless.

Speech recognition software like Dragon comes as blessing that enables people to get their task done without needing to touch the devices.

The clinicians can use their voice to navigate, dictate and edit the text inside EHR.

As the clinicians get to boost their work efficiency, they can see more patients and earn more money, by using this software.

Top Features of Dragon Medical Software

You can easily dictate medical words as the Dragon Medical Speech Recognition software has got the vocabularies for over 90 medical specialty and subspecialties.

With its advance adaption feature, it ensures the high accuracy in speech recognition and thus can adapt your regional accent easily. 

It simplifies your experience with EHRs.

Dragon has got smart library and smart configuration that can ease up your work without even requiring an internet connection.

It has a locally installed speech recognition features which ensure the hassle-free access and interaction.

The Recognition analytics in Dragon Medical Practice Edition automatically detects poor audio inputs and immediately alerts the user about the same.

More features and capabilities

Medical vocabulary, specialty language models and accent supportYes
Medical formatting rulesYes
Medical command sets and search commandsYes
Compatible with leading EHRsYes
HIPAA-supportive by employing secure encryption methods throughout the workflowYes
Hidden Dictation BoxYes
Compatible with PowerMic™ IIIYes

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Features & Specifications

Check out the list all the required specifications for your system, before you buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4.

RAM4 GB (Minimum)
CPUIntel Dual Core or equivalent AMD processor.
Free Hard Disk Space4 GB
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows versions – 7, 8.1 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
Windows ServerWindows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 R2
BrowserMicrosoft Internet Explorer 11 or all latest versions and Chrome
DVD-ROM DriveRequired for Installation
Internet ConnectionRequired If Download It Digitally

Do you want to know more about Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4? Call us on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 to get instant support on phone today itself.

How to Use Nuance Dragon More Effectively? Tips by Experts & Professionals

From creating or editing documents to typing emails or noting down your thoughts and ideas, with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, you can get it done through your voice within far less time it takes you to manually type it.

Moreover, you can control many functions of your computer like operating mouse, keyboard, etc. through Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software.

While Students can find it much useful and fascinating for its word processing and voice-controlled navigation features, the businesspeople consider it a great asset for improving their work efficiency and productivity.

Is it difficult for you to believe on the fact that this software truly works on your voice commands?

Well! yes, it does.

Even, the procedure to use it is quite simple. Let’s see how any you can use Nuance Dragon functionality and features without any hassles.

Tips to Use Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Effortlessly

Whenever you start using the Dragon Naturally Speaking Software on your PC, you’ll be required to have at least 15 minutes voice training to ensure that the software dictates your voice with greater accuracy.

However, Dragon Officials offer various tutorials along with the software. You can take help from them during your first trial or later, whenever required. If you prefer not to consider any tutorial, you can also take manual help from us by dialing toll-free Dragon Technical Support Number +1-702-430-6099. Our Dragon Technical Support Service Executives would help you out with all your queries and problems. They will also assist your for how to use Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software from start to end.

Meanwhile, you can update your user profile at Dragon which helps the software understand your preferences better and serve you accordingly. The more you use the software, the more, it gets adapted to your voice, and start dictating with 99% or more accuracy. If you’re using it for a while and still not getting good results, you can simply correct it whenever it makes any transcription mistakes.

To correct any mistake, you can highlight the text and say, ‘Correct that’. The Dragon will display all the possible options to correct that phrase, no matter whether it is a grammatical mistake or spelling mistake.

If you need more assistance for how to use Dragon, please call us on our Nuance Dragon Technical Support number +1-702-430-6099

Has Your Dragon Installation Failed? Learn What to Do to Avoid the Error

Has Your Dragon Installation Failed? Learn What to Do to Avoid the Error

During the installation of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, you may face many errors that can prevent you to install and use the software.

This error can occur due to any reason, either your software copy is not installed properly, or the installer file is corrupted.

In case, if you encounter this during the installation of Dragon Speech Recognition Software, it is most important to find the quick solution to continue your process and use the software for better voice dictation and transcription.

How to Resolve Installation Error in Dragon?

To resolve the installation in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, you need to go through the various check process and find the actual reason why the error has occurred.

Please follow the below processes to fix the error in minutes.

  1. Check Security Software
    Check if any security software is installed in your PC or system. If it is, check whether it is expired because sometimes, we keep using such expired antiviruses which make our PC more prone to cyberattacks and malwares.

If you find any such security software installed in your PC, remove or uninstalled all of them.

  1. Check Windows Firewall
    Windows Firewall is pre-installed or inbuilt security software that comes up with each version of Microsoft Windows. If due to any reason, the Dragon software find any issues with this Windows Firewall, it may stop the installation process and place the installation error on your product file.

To fix this issue, you must visit the computer registry and click on ‘allow the installation’ keeping the firewall on. You can find registry by searching it in computer.

  1. Check Windows Installer Services
    Sometimes, due to the errors occurred in Windows Installer and Update System, the installation process can be interrupted.
    You need to enable the Windows Installer settings to allow the new installation or updated in the system. But if you are not able to fix this problem, call Dragon Support Services on toll-free number +1-310-513-5006 instantly.
  2. Check Background Programs
    For a hassle-free installation process of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking Software, it is required to check that there is no other background program is running at the time of installation.