Call +1 315 215 0716 For Giving Request for Dragon Software Refund

Follows the return policy of the manufacturer which enables the customer to return the product within 30 days of the date of purchase. As per the copyright terms of the return policy, a product must be unused or faulty by the end supplier. If the product packaging is open or product is delivered via Instant Download connection sent to registered email, returns can not be appropriate. As per return policy, customer may also choose to exchange defective product by contacting To help them in their inquiry, Soft Connect Pro customer support is available for customers with return policy request for each purchase for best customer experience. Whether returning a product or exchanging a product, the product must be returned in the original packaging and may include the product Installation Disc, Key Card, Instruction Guide and other accessories and should be obtained within 30-Days to validate the return. # dragon refund policy reserves the right to refuse the refund / refund fee for damaged / incomplete returns of the product.

Any return request needs an order number to be sent by email or telephone to our support officer. For complete your return request , please provide order number with your shipment. Without order number, we might not be in a position to validate the return request. Also, please include; order number, product description and purpose of return when sending email to return product. Customer must pay for shipping Returned Items.

If the return / exchange request falls under our policy guidelines, then from the date we receive the return shipment we will issue a new order number directly for shipment to mailing address or via email with 3-4 working days. Note: Order Issuance number does not validate your order for return or for exchange. As mentioned above, we do not accept the return or exchange program for used or defective merchandise.

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After device activation code is disclosed and used, all security items sent via email can not be returned, even if the product is defective. For information please contact our Support Team via email or call toll-free at 1-315-215-0716.

Consumer has the duty to download and install a software on the device.

All “Downloadable” goods come with the manufacturer’s simple step-by – step installation method to download and install the device to desired computer. If the customer can not follow the instructions then we can help guide the customer how to use the product in our power. We can directly link customers to the original equipment supplier to receive help.

# dragon refund policy