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Troubleshooting Dragon Error 166

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If you are a user of Dragon NaturallySpeaking then you might have come across the dragon Error 166, which can really disturb your work flow. This error usually appears when Dragon cannot get the audio input device that it requires hence not allowing you to use it effectively. Nevertheless, don’t be worried for there are several troubleshooting steps that if followed carefully could ensure that dragon is back on track within no time.

Step 1 : Check your audio input device

To begin with, check whether your computer has recognized and well-connected any audio input devices like headset or microphone. You may also try plugging off the gadget then plugging it back or changing the input device just to ascertain that the problem isn’t from it.

Step 2 : Confirm Dragon’s audio settings

From here open your Dragon NaturallySpeaking application and then go into its “Audio” settings. Make sure you have chosen correctly your preferred hardware input alongside ensuring that microphones activex objects are on and recording sound waves normally as supposed to be done according to how they were programmed by developers.

Step 3: Update your audio drivers

Sometimes old versions or even conflicting drivers for audio can be source of this kind of message. You can find out if there are updates available for your machine’s audio drivers via computer’s device manager and download them directly from the website of manufacturer in case they do not exist yet.

Step 4: Turn off any native system enhancements on sound devices to help troubleshoot issues with accessing an auditory channel by voice recognition software such as Dragon Naturally Speaking because some might include noise suppression technologies while others provide additional functionalities like equalizers.

Thus interfering with its accessibility on windows platform among other operating systems in general where this tool is used daily by millions worldwide who rely upon their machines’ speakers instead having buy new ones each time something goes wrong – therefore create such similar situation during normal conversation at home .

Step 5: Run the Dragon troubleshooter

If you are using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it has a built-in troubleshooting program which can aid in identifying and rectifying common issues including Error 166. To get to the troubleshooting menu, go in to Dragon Preferences and select Troubleshooting tab.

Step 6: Reinstall your copy of Dragon

In case none of all those mentioned above steps are helpful enough by any means then most likely contact dragon support at +1-310-513-5006.

These steps will help you overcome the Dragon Error 166 and return to using your voice recognition software with ease. In cases where you continue experiencing problems, just reach out for assistance from their support team.

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