Steps to Recover Corrupt Dragon File

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# recover dragon corrupt file : If you have witnessed this error while opening a user profile in Dragon NaturallySpeaking and have not been able to access the selected user profile due to an error message shown on the screen, we can help!

The error messages displaying on your Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking screen, generally come up as –

“SDAPI Error”


“Internal Recognizer Error”

“Signal Processing Error”

If you have also received any such error message, it’s due to a corrupted Dragon Profile.

There are many reasons why the corruption can take place such as power fluctuation while the software is trying to save any recording or dictating data, low memory space or anti-virus settings.

In the blog, we will share a perfect solution to help you troubleshoot the problems and fix the corrupt Dragon user profile issue. If the steps don’t work, you can always call on our Nuance Dragon Helpline +1-310-513-5006 .

# recover dragon corrupt file

Steps to Fix Corrupt User Profile Error in Dragon

Step 1 – Close the Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Step 2 – Now, press Windows Key and R altogether to bring up the Run box.

Step 3 – Here, you can type – “%AllUsersProfile%” and click enter.

Step 4 – The Windows XP users can go to Application Data and choose Nuance and then, go to the Users folder. Whereas the Windows Vista or above versions users, can directly access the Nuance folder and open the NaturallySpeaking folder to further access the users folder.

Step 5 – Here, the can find the folder with their Dragon username and rename the ‘current’ folder as ‘Corrupt’ and ‘backup’ folder as ‘current’.

Step 6 – Now, restart the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software and wait till it loads properly.

Step 7 – Once the software is open, go to DragonBar and click on the NaturallySpeaking option, then Manage Users to access manage settings.

Step 8 – Here, you can select your name and click Advanced, then choose Backup option to create a new backup.

Step 9 – Once the backup process is finished, you can go back the corrupt folder and delete it.

Step 10 – Now, what you will have is only the ‘current’ folder.

So, this was the quick solution to the ‘corrupt folder’ error found with Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Still, if you face any troubles doing this, you can connect with our experts through Nuance Dragon Helpline +1-310-513-5006

# recover dragon corrupt file

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