How to Use Dragon Mobile App in Windows Phone? Check 8 Hit Features

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The Dragon Speech Recognition, Voice Dictation and Transcription Software can make it much easier for you to finish the tedious tasks such as creating reports, documents, presentations and almost every kind of work in minutes.

If you find yourself overburdened with paperwork and documentation thing, the Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking software is here to save your time and efforts.

If you’re running short of time and not getting enough time to open your PC, you can use it on your Windows phone also. As the Nuance Dragon Software has come up with its mobile app, more and more people are taking interest in using this software to reduce their workload by saving up time and efforts.

If you are wondering how Dragon Mobile Application can help you reducing your work and boosting your efficiency, you need to read this blog. We have listed all the important features of Dragon Windows App down here.

8 Topmost Features of Nuance Dragon Mobile App Enabling Easy Access Anywhere Anytime

As everybody knows Nuance Dragon is especially designed to make users stress-free by reducing their workload pressure of creating heavy documents, presentations etc.

But other than this, there are many more benefits of Nuance Dragon Mobile App. Let’s check out!

  • Dragon can boost your work accuracy up to 99% even if you don’t take any proper training to use it.
  • You can create form-based templates using the auto text feature of Dragon Windows App. This feature helps you create the forms and fill them by using your voice commands.
  • Dragon is limitless. You can create a document of any length while speaking for as long as you can do.
  • The outstanding customization features of Dragon app enables users to add their own words and vocab to Dragon dictionary.
  • You can save up your time by speaking again to add the repetitive steps.
  • You can sync your Dragon Account at any device which enables you to use it anytime, anywhere and at any device.
  • The cloud-based feature of Dragon phone app allows users to import, export, and share and creates documents by sitting anywhere.
  • By using the editing and formatting tools, you can easily navigate through different files of the Dragon and get things done faster than ever.
  • Including the US and UK English Language, Dragon Windows App supports the German and Canadian English.

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Why & How to Migrate to the Newest Version of Nuance Dragon?

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If you’re trying to upgrade an older version of Nuance Dragon to the latest one and not being successful doing so, this blog is the must read for you.

Many Dragon users like you face the same problem. When they try to upgrade their Nuance Dragon software from 14 to 15 versions, they encounter an Invalid Acoustic Error which prevents them from upgrading the software to its newer version.

Now, the question is why such error must be occurring!

We have received many queries for the same issue on our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number and have been greatly successful in resolving them.

Reasons Why Errors Occur During Dragon Upgrades

The main reason why Invalid Acoustic Error occurs with Dragon is due to the older version of Nuance Dragon software.

For an instance, if you are trying to upgrade your Dragon from 14 to 15 version, the current version is 14, whose dictation source is Dragon Remote Microphone which unfortunately does not exist in Dragon 15.

So, if you are facing this error, follow the below steps and upgrade your software without any hassles.

  • Firstly, go to the upgrade profile folder and right click to open it.
  • Now, click on the ‘Open a new tab’ option and then check acoustic.ini.file to see if it has any acoustic codes that you can use.
  • Further, you may also check on the options.ini file in that same folder that you are currently in.
  • Later, you can have a check for the ‘Last Used Acoustics’ keyword.
  • After performing these checks, click on save and then Launch Nuance Dragon software.

By performing the above steps, now you would be able to launch the upgraded version of Nuance Dragon and the invalid acoustic error you must be facing with NaturallySpeaking software would be resolved. Still if you continue to face the same error, you can contact on our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number +1 702 430 6099 (toll-free) and ask our experts to help you with prompt solution.

Our team of Dragon technicians are highly qualified and trained to fix any sort of errors and issues from minor to major. Through our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number, we are confident to serve all our customers with 100% accurate and satisfactory solutions.

If you are stuck with Dragon issues, don’t sit back, pick up your call and dial our Nuance Dragon Help Care Number to get help as soon as possible.