How to Use Nuance Dragon More Effectively? Tips by Experts & Professionals

From creating or editing documents to typing emails or noting down your thoughts and ideas, with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software, you can get it done through your voice within far less time it takes you to manually type it.

Moreover, you can control many functions of your computer like operating mouse, keyboard, etc. through Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software.

While Students can find it much useful and fascinating for its word processing and voice-controlled navigation features, the businesspeople consider it a great asset for improving their work efficiency and productivity.

Is it difficult for you to believe on the fact that this software truly works on your voice commands?

Well! yes, it does.

Even, the procedure to use it is quite simple. Let’s see how any you can use Nuance Dragon functionality and features without any hassles.

Tips to Use Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software Effortlessly

Whenever you start using the Dragon Naturally Speaking Software on your PC, you’ll be required to have at least 15 minutes voice training to ensure that the software dictates your voice with greater accuracy.

However, Dragon Officials offer various tutorials along with the software. You can take help from them during your first trial or later, whenever required. If you prefer not to consider any tutorial, you can also take manual help from us by dialing toll-free Dragon Technical Support Number +1-702-430-6099. Our Dragon Technical Support Service Executives would help you out with all your queries and problems. They will also assist your for how to use Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Software from start to end.

Meanwhile, you can update your user profile at Dragon which helps the software understand your preferences better and serve you accordingly. The more you use the software, the more, it gets adapted to your voice, and start dictating with 99% or more accuracy. If you’re using it for a while and still not getting good results, you can simply correct it whenever it makes any transcription mistakes.

To correct any mistake, you can highlight the text and say, ‘Correct that’. The Dragon will display all the possible options to correct that phrase, no matter whether it is a grammatical mistake or spelling mistake.

If you need more assistance for how to use Dragon, please call us on our Nuance Dragon Technical Support number +1-702-430-6099